As a young girl, Liz saw her best friend’s sister sewing clothes on a sewing machine at the family’s kitchen table. That evening when Liz returned home, she asked her mother if she too could learn to sew. Her mother recognized her desire and signed her up for classes at the local sewing machine and fabric store. This was one of the greatest gifts her mother ever bestowed upon her, a lifelong passion blossomed. The journey has taken Liz from a Bachelor’s Degree in Textiles, to management of retail fabric stores, followed by independent design work for over twenty-five years with Baby Lock Sewing Machines Company. Liz’s designs have also been published in McCall’s Quilting, Designs in Machine Embroidery and Sew News Magazines. Along the way, Liz has enjoyed teaching students in many areas of sewing, her favorite being quilting. Liz sees inspiration in the world around her, from her garden where flowers inspire beautiful color combinations for eye popping quilts or intricate patterns on a fence for a beautiful quilting pattern. She enjoys spending time with her husband, Chris and their children Sarah, Jennifer and Bethany, and now two granddaughters. Chris and Liz live in Charlotte, North Carolina, and enjoy traveling, dancing and bowling together.