Blown Away

Have you ever wandered out your front door or into your backyard, only to notice that the pillows and cushions on your outdoor furniture have traveled three doors down the street to your neighbor’s yard?

It was happening to me almost daily! Part of the reason is we live at the eastern end of Lake Erie, just outside of Buffalo, New York. The wind whips across the lake and up the hill all year long. Taking the pillows and tossing them to and fro across the neighborhood.  I was ready to staple the pillows to our chairs, because you know I wouldn’t bring them in each night or if there was a storm on the horizon!

This is the super easy and fast fix that what worked for me:

Dig through your stash of ribbons and pick out any grosgrain ribbons that are about 1” to 1 ½” in width, and that compliments or matches your pillows and cushions. For the best length, place the pillow on the chair or chaise lounge and measure the length needed for each ribbon to be tied into a bow.

Fold the ribbon in half and stitch it by hand or machine to the pillow top at the center seam. Or, you can open the seam slightly and insert the ribbon tie into the seam, stitching the seam closed, while securing the ribbon ties into the seam. I found that just stitching the ribbon to the top of the pillow works well.

For chaise lounge chairs, the ribbon ties may need to be secured to the bottom edge of the pillows near the lower corners.

Doing this to each pillow outside has alleviated the seek-n-find game we played almost daily!