Welcome to my blog, I am happy you stopped by today.

I learned to sew forever ago. Sewing makes me truly happy, I look forward to it every day! Sewing is also what I happen to do for “work”. I am a independent project designer, I design quilting and sewing projects. That being said, I decided to write a book. Of course, the book is about quilting, my favorite type of sewing. For the book, I am collaborating with The Buffalo History Museum. Learning about their quilt collections has been very interesting, more about the book later.

Working on the book requires a lot of time at the computer…not my favorite thing, at all!! So, I decided to take a quick-stitch-break today. This is what I made; cloth napkins from my favorite scraps of quilt fabric.

  1. These napkins are eco-friendly.

  2. Being made from quality quilting fabric, the napkins wash and dry like a dream.

  3. I get to see my favorite quilt fabrics at breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

  4. And, I feel wonderfully luxurious using cloth napkins, instead of paper.

  5. Great gift idea! Make a set of cocktail napkins, tied together with a pretty ribbon and a bottle of wine!


  • scraps of 100% cotton fabric

    • 15” x 15” squares for a lunch/ dinner napkins

    • 10” x 10” squares for cocktail napkins

  • A serger, set to create a rolled-hem stitch

  • 3-spools of thread that compliments the fabric, I like to use contrasting thread

  • Seam sealant


  1. Use a rotary cutter and mat to cut the fabric scrap into a square.

  2. Zip the square through the serger; stitch a rolled-hem on all four sides of the fabric square.  

  3. Before trimming the serger tails, apply a dab of seam sealant on each corner.

  4. Press the napkin and trim off the serger tails.

  5. Repeat often for sets of pretty napkins!

If you don’t have a serger; simply turn the raw edges of the fabric square under to the wrong side of napkin, twice, creating a small hemmed edge, and straight-stitch around the edges.