A Day at the Museum

A few weeks ago, Megan MacNeill with The Buffalo History Museum asked if I would spend the day sharing some of my quilts with visitors to the museum. Let me tell you, I couldn't respond "YES!!" fast enough!

The museum has a great exhibit taking place now with quilts from their vast collection. The day was wonderful, from 10:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m., all I did was talk about quilts and quilting! I brought along a few of the quilts I made for the upcoming book, they are reproductions of the original historical quilts from the museum's collection. It was fun taking photos of a couple to see the similarities of the historical quilts and my reproductions.

My mind was churning after the visit...which historical reproduction to start on next? So many beautiful quilts with interesting stories! Interesting stories?? How do we know these stories? People used journals and shared oral histories to preserve the unique heritage of their quilts that had been documented.

Have you labeled your quilts, written in a journal about your quilts? Now, having worked with the museum I see how important this simple step is in preserving the history of our quilts.